North America, United States, Colorado, Longs Peak

Publication Year: 1930.

The east face of Longs Peak was ascended by R. L. M. Underhill, alone, in June, 1929, by the original route. This is the first lone ascent since the original ascent, by Professor Alexander. The east face has, as usual, proved too difficult for inexperienced climbers. Early in August, 1929, two young men were marooned all night in the Notch Chimney and were finally rescued by guides. Two weeks later Charles W. Thiemeyer, of Denver, twenty-eight years old, fell while ascending the Notch Chimney. The fall of over 1,000 feet was of course fatal. It was probably from this chimney that Gregory Aubuchon fell to his death in 1921 while attempting a descent alone. The fatal accident to Forest Ketring in 1926 was probably at a lower point. Thiemeyer’s companions were forced to spend the night in the Chimney and were rescued the next day by guides with the aid of ropes. This party of three were members of the Swiss Alpine Club and were using a rope, although all of the party were not tied to the rope at the time of the accident.