North America, United States, Colorado, Kit Carson Peak

Publication Year: 1930.


By J. L. J. Hart

The fifth recorded ascent of Kit Carson Peak, in the Crestone group, was made in September, 1929, by a small party of members of the Colorado Mountain Club. The route was up the southeast face. The first ascent of the peak was made in 1916 by Albert Elling- wood and Eleanor Davis from the southwest, with a descent of the southeast face. The next ascent was probably by Carl Blaurock and William F. Ervin, about 1924, from the northwest. The next ascent was made in 1925 by a large party of the Colorado Mountain Club from the southwest. This route is easy; the others are somewhat steeper. Another party of the Colorado Mountain Club ascended the southeast face in 1925.

The mountain has three summits worthy of being called separate peaks. The main summit, being the central one, is stated by the U. S. G. S. to be 14,000 feet in height, but is probably 14,150 feet. The other two are probably about 14,000. The north summit seems very easy of ascent and has been climbed by local people. The south summit has been climbed only by a party including Stephen H. Hart and Henry Buchtel in 1925. The ascent of the south summit from the northeast would be difficult and has not been made. Likewise the ascent of the main summit from the northeast should make an interesting new route.