A Newcomer

Publication Year: 1930.

A newcomer to the fold of Mountain Clubs is the “Dolomite Club” of Winnipeg, founded about a year ago by a group of enterprising members of the American and Canadian Alpine Clubs resident there. Not being blessed with anything higher than a haystack in their immediate environs, they have recourse to an abandoned lime stone quarry not far away and “do all sorts of possible and impossible climbs” on its rugged walls, some of which though necessarily short are reported to be distinctly fancy. Membership is confined to graduates, undergraduates and members of the staff of the University of Manitoba. The qualifications for active membership include proficiency in skiing (2 years) and in mountaineering (2 years) and a season in the quarry climbs. The purpose of the skiing requirement is to develop ski-mountaineering. Several of the members have given an excellent account of themselves on rock work in the mountains. The club motto is “Pares cum paribus facillime congregantur.”

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