The Federal Board of Surveys and Maps

Publication Year: 1930.

The Federal Board of Surveys and Maps, representing twenty- two map-making or map-using organizations of the United States Government, maintains in Room 6206, Interior Department Building, Washington, D. C., a map information office with data relating to maps and general geographical information for any part of the world. No maps are furnished, but inquiries about them and where to obtain them are gladly answered. Mr. J. H. Wheat is the Secretary of the Board.

In 1929 the Board of Surveys and Maps published a 31 page pamphlet, “The Mountains of the United States,” which gives descriptions of the principal mountain ranges and indicates the relationships between them. The compilation was made in 1910-1912 by Henry Gannett, formerly geographer of the Geological Survey and chairman of the Geographic Board. This pamphlet is distributed free and will prove of much interest and value to those wishing a precise definition of the extent of the various ranges and groups in the United States. There are no less than one hundred of these comprised within the Rocky Mountains alone.

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